Elys transport is Re-Branding as e-trans to mark our move into a new era.


Although still in the development stage we have now reached the point in the process where we are able to release the exciting news that 'e-trans' will be available to our clients from February 2014.

What is e-trans?

e-trans will bring the way in which we operate into the 21st century!

For the past 28 years we have operated a a system that we have used since our inception. That is, our customers ring us, we record their request in written form on our day journal by hand! (even though we have a computerised system..We still record everything by hand!)

We then relay the job details to a specific driver by phone or face to face in the office.

The new system will see jobs automatically allocated to Vehicles/drivers best suited to the particular job, from their status on our satellite controlled tracking system. (Don't worry we will be watching very carefully in the initial period to ensure no hiccups!).

e-trans will allow our customers to have control of their job from their own desk top PC.

You will be able to get a quote, book a job, and track your consignment from the moment it is booked/leaves your premises until it is delivered in real time. It will give our customers total control. 

Another big advantage of e-trans is that it eliminates the need to 'have an account with us?'. e-trans will allow non account holding customers to get an 'Ad Hoc' Service with a 'Pay as you go' facility available.

Need a quote?

Call us now on 01753 655677.


Or use our contact form and we will get back to you within 4 working hours!

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Opening hours;  24/7



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